the moist mug cake

I remember seeing a video a few years ago showing how to make a chocolate mug cake in less than five minutes. At the time I was quite impressed, but didn’t give the idea much attention as I was in one of those ‘continuously-scrolling-down-my-news-feed-until-someone-interrupts-me’ moods.

But now when I think about it it’s actually pretty cool. The fact that the ingredients are cooked to a similar consistency to a normal baked cake in a matter of minutes is impressive. You no longer have to camp by the oven to make sure your cakes aren’t over spilling when you feel you accidentally put a little too much baking soda in. Just stick it in the microwave for a minute, check if its baked through, and if not then another minute should do it.

Well I speak as if I’m an expert, though I’m most definitely not.

Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of the mug cake. Yes I only had one encounter, but that was enough for me. If I want to make cakes I’d rather make a few – the one egg I used to make one mug cake could be used to make six cupcakes or muffins instead. Though it’s not a question of the economy of ingredients more so that it just feels so unconventional to have a cake sitting in my mug.

That mug should be used for tea! Not for a moist banana cake ready to be devoured!

Putting my conservative baking feelings aside, this really was a lovely little cake to eat. But don’t eat it straight away otherwise you might burn your tongue (from the heat, not the taste). After all, you wouldn’t eat a cake straight out of the oven either!

Other than that, the cake tastes flavourful and moist, which is expected as it uses a whole egg. I’m sure you could split the batter between two mugs but clearly I was in a greedy mood that morning…

I have to admit though, if you’re one of those people who know that making 12 cupcakes or muffins may go to waste for whatever reason, this might just be a better option to satisfy your sweet taste buds. It doesn’t take long at all and is nice for a little comfort snack. Perhaps have the second mug full of tea to enjoy it with though 😀

Personally I prefer the conventional route of baking, but this was definitely a nice experiment. I may try different ingredients out just to see how far the world of mug cakes really can go 🙂

Recipe found here.

I’ll be blogging for the  Bite Buddies  project alongside a few other folks who are also crazy about food. This project has been set up to connect younger and older people through food and technology by pairing them to create their own cooking video. Check it out the link for more info!


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